Outdoor Living Tour & Auction

Bright pink flowers in bloom in front of a beautiful brick home that served as a stop on the PCC Foundation's 2021 Outdoor Living Tour.

Each spring, the PCC Foundation holds a fundraiser to generate revenue for student scholarships, programs and educational activities.

On April 30, 2022, the organization held the “Outdoor Living Tour and Auction” and raised nearly $20,000 for student scholarships and educational activities.

Jennifer Vogt, the foundation’s special events coordinator, said the April 30 fundraiser brought in roughly $2,700 more than the inaugural event held last year. She said 65 people participated in the tour of six different properties in the Greenville area, which was also “a little higher” than in 2021.

“We had really good feedback from the Outdoor Living Tour,” Vogt said. “There was a nice variety of properties. Each yard was different and featured interesting additions, and the homeowners really enjoyed talking to tour participants as they visited their properties.”

In addition to bringing a pair of food trucks to campus for this year’s event, Brie Arthur (also known as “Brie the Plant Lady) provided an entertaining presentation on foodscaping. A professional horticulturist and correspondent on the Emmy Award-winning PBS television show, “Growing a Greener World,” Arthur spent more than an hour offering tips to help gardeners get the most out of the square footage available to them.

Vogt said this year’s online auction included several items that created “good bidding wars throughout the day” and ended up raising approximately $4,600 of the event’s fundraising total.