Accelerating the Future

Campaign for Student Success: $10 Million

Center for Student Advancement - $8.5 Million+

Eddie & Jo Allison Smith are great supporters of Pitt Community College. In 2004, their financial advisor, Herman Simon, along with the PCC Foundation and the Greater Greenville Community Foundation (now Community Foundation of Eastern NC), created the Visions Career Development and Scholarship Program. Since its inception, this program has helped almost 800 high school and college students. The Smiths, along with the PCC Foundation, have since been funding the program. The Eddie & Jo Allison Smith Family Foundation has also supported many other endeavors such as the Herman Simon building and health science programs.

A new facility, the Eddie & Jo Allison Smith Center for Student Advancement,  will provide more space for student services and success.

  1. The Herman & Ursula Simon VISIONS Center - VISIONS is a career development and mentoring program for at-risk high school and first generation college students. This center will support students and advisors. Area will include a dedicated study area and conference room with latest technology.
  2. The Slocum & Bunch Veterans Center - It will support specific services for active duty-military families and veterans entering the job market or furthering their education. It will be a welcoming environment to honor their service.
  3. Women’s Resource Center and Men’s Resource Center - These areas will address specific and unique needs of women and men in successfully completing their educational goals, most facing competing demands of jobs, family responsibilities, college readiness, and financial hurdles. The Women's Center will also include an office for Pitt County Women for Women.
  4. Large Meeting Rooms - This will include a great hall, seating up to 600 for large classes, activities, and events as well as two additional 50-seat rooms. Combined space addresses PCC's greatest need as the state's most crowded based on space per student on NC community college campuses.
  5. Scholarship Center - This space will meet the substantial need for student financial assistance and support services along with the growing network of individual and business scholarship donors.
  6. Alumni, Advancement, & Foundation Outreach - These offices will support graduates and engage Pitt County families, schools, business and economic development, and community vitality.
  7. Minges Board Room - This will be a large boardroom seating up to 40 people.  It will include audio-visual and communication technology for video-conferencing and teleconferencing.

Increase available resources for scholarships and educational activities - $1.5 million+

  1. The PCC Foundation Board wants to expand its endowment for scholarships and programs to support student success.
  2. The Foundation will receive a VISIONS Program Endowment match up to $2 Million from the Eddie and Jo Allison Smith Family Foundation for every new endowment gift up to a total of $1 Million. Join the Smith Family Foundation 2-for-1 match with your pledge or gift today! The deadline for the pledge match is September 2019.

Future Campaign Components include additional $4 million campaign for scholarship and program support and $12 million campaign to build a 1,200-seat auditorium.

You can help PCC Accelerate the Future by supporting this campaign. Please contact:

Susan Q. Nobles
Vice President, Institutional Advancement/Executive Director, PCC Foundation

Marianne Cox
Assistant Vice President, Institutional Advancement

Naming Opportunities

Facility Name

Contribution Level

Clifton Everett Building (Library - currently being renovated)
Classrooms/Meeting Rooms $25,000
Reading Rooms $15,000
Science Building
Walter & Marie Williams Building  (approved)
Max R. Joyner Auditorium $150,000 (approved)
Biotech Center $50,000
Industrial Systems Center $50,000
Science/STEM Center $50,000
Individual Classrooms $25,000
Labs $15,000
Conference Rooms $10,000
Center for Student Advancement (Campaign 2017-19)
Eddie & Jo Allison Smith Building $2 million (approved)
Large Multipurpose Room (up to 600 ppl) $250,000
Meeting Rooms (50 ppl) $50,000
Minges Board Room $50,000 (approved)
Classrooms $25,000
Women's Center $50,000
Herman & Ursula Simon VISIONS Center $75,000 (approved)
Ward & Smith Conference Room in VISIONS Center $15,000 (approved)
Conference Rooms $15,000
Computer Lab/Study Room $15,000
Lobby - Gallery $50,000
Slocum & Bunch Veterans' Center $50,000 (approved)
Patio/Garden $25,000
Fountain $25,000
Phase II
Auditorium $1 million
Dressing Rooms $15,000 each
Music Practice Room $25,000
Auditorium Seats $1,000 each
William E. Fulford Building (Health Sciences)
Classrooms $25,000
Labs $15,000
Conference Rooms $10,000
Craig F. Goess Student Center
Students' Dining Room $50,000
Bookstore $50,000
Craig F. Goess Construction & Industrial Tech Bldg.
Classrooms $25,000
Bill Brown and Brown & Wood Automotive Labs $25,000 (3 approved)
Construction Labs (2) $25,000
Greenville Center (Continuing Ed./Small Business Ctr.)
Facility Name $500,000
Annex $125,000
Classrooms $25,000
Robert Lee Humber Building (Business Programs)
Classrooms $25,000
Labs $15,000
G. Henry Leslie Building (Transitional Studies, Classrooms)
Classrooms $25,000
Raymond Reddrick Building (General Classroom Building, University Transfer)
Conference Room $15,000
Classrooms $25,000
Computer Labs $15,000
Public Safety Training Centers
Facility Complex (Near Bethel) $500,000
New Law Enforcement Center (Winterville) $250,000
Welding Building
Facility $250,000
Classrooms $25,000