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Show your PCC Pride

Alumni Association membership shows your pride in PCC, its programs, athletics, and community involvement. Be proud of your alma mater and share the good news!

Enhance Career

Association membership creates opportunities for you to brag about yourself. We have a partnership with the Career Center which can assist you get ready for that next job. The association also provides networking events and professional development that give you the necessary tools to succeed.

Commitment to PCC, Students, and Community

By giving back to PCC and the alumni association through your time, talent and gifts creates a stronger college. There are numerous opportunities for alumni to show their commitment to PCC, through committees, our board of directors, event volunteers or participation, becoming a mentor, or support funding for special projects. Monetary support benefits educational activities and future student scholarships.

Honor Alumni

By sharing your success stories, we can tell others where you have been. We can recognize our alumni through Alumni and College publications, on our website, social media, and through our Awards program. Each year we present alumni awards at the awards ceremony.

Ambassadors for Bulldogs

Ambassadors of PCC are passionate about future PCC alumni. They want to recruit students to begin their journey at PCC. They also want to help instill pride in others. Ambassadors also share their experiences in the classroom and how PCC instructors developed them.

Connect and Reconnect through participation

Members are presented with incredible opportunities to reconnect with other alumni and to connect with potential employers. Events and programs are offered for alumni to reconnect with PCC. Strong alumni participation enhances PCC and the Association.

Member Discounts

Membership presents promotions to on campus, local communities and nationwide. Members receive special invitations and pricing to events.

Communication and Publications

We are proud to share alumni successes through the:

  • Alumni e-Newsletter
  • PCC e-Post
  • PCC Career Focus
  • and Social Media

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