Financial Information

• Federal Tax ID# 23-7376114

The PCC Foundation’s financial processes are managed through the Foundation Office and the Pitt Community College Business Office.

The foundation follows the same purchasing processes as the college, and its financial and operational records are audited annually by an external auditing firm and reviewed by the N.C. State Auditor’s Office as a part of the college’s state audits.

The Foundation’s Finance and Investment Committee reviews quarterly financial reports and monthly investment reports. The committee recommends appropriations and investment plans to the full board.

First Citizens Bank manages investments for some of the foundation’s endowments, and the N.C. State Treasurer’s Office manages a portion of the organization’s funds.

Financial Reports

2019-20 PCC Foundation Form 990

2019-20 PCC Foundation Financial Statement

2018-19 PCC Foundation Form 990

2018-19 PCC Foundation Financial Statement

2017-18 PCC Foundation Financial Statement

2016-17 PCC Foundation Financial Statement